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Employee Resources



Use this to view your pay stubs, payment history, tax information, benefits overview and direct deposit management.



Use this app to view your schedule, pick up shifts, calculate your hours during the pay period, and contact any member of management or dispatch teams.



This app is used to conduct your patrols on site at your job post. This is what dispatch will use to verify your location on the property and your patrol performance. This is also used for your DAR and to create any incident reports. 

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Safety Zone Security, Inc.


Policy & Procedure

Safety Zone Security, Inc. maintains company-wide public policies outlined here. Additional internal policies are accessible on the employee website or can be obtained by reaching out to HR at hr@safetyzone.app for any inquiries. Regularly check for updates.Safety Zone Security, Inc. recognizes the importance of rest and meal breaks in accordance with the California Labor Code and relevant Industrial Welfare Commission (“IWC”) Wage Order. For detailed information, click here. Feel free to contact HR with any concerns or questions about your meal period.Guard Comfort Safety Zone Security, Inc. promotes the use of anti-fatigue or dynamic ergonomic mats for security posts involving prolonged standing. These mats aim to reduce employee fatigue and discomfort. Not all posts are suitable for mat placement, and client approval is necessary. Guards are advised to stand on approved mats when required to stand still. In exceptional cases, some posts may allow seating without affecting job performance. If approved by the client, Safety Zone Security, Inc. will provide seating for such posts, encouraging guards to use it to minimize fatigue and discomfort.

Job Essentials at Safety Zone Security, Inc.

Uniform Presentation:
Wear your uniform proudly, ensuring it fits perfectly.
Maintain a polished appearance by ironing and keeping it clean.

Personal Grooming:
Prioritize personal grooming, staying clean, and presenting a well-groomed image.

Attitude and Presence:
Maintain a positive attitude.
Make eye contact and smile while on duty.

Cell Phone Usage:
Cell phone usage is prohibited during work hours.
Exceptions allowed only for Silvertrac or Connecteam related tasks.

Team and Customer Awareness:
Familiarize yourself with your team, the customer, and key contacts.

Professional Conduct:
Insubordination and disrespect are unacceptable; always exhibit respect.

Any violation may lead to immediate action, including dismissal.

Safety Zone Security, Inc.

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