Property Management Services

Your partner for safe property experiences.

Streamline Technology

With QR mapping across all properties, live-visual updates are transmitted seamlessly to management, to confirm all key access points and areas of interest are covered extensively. Technology that provides bi-hourly visual updates from our officers multiple, randomized security routes based on site research and investigation. Live satellite feeds of our officers provide current locations with up-to-the-minute details of every route.

Guard All Locations With Ease

Handling all security in-house can get difficult. With a team of professionals working for you, site instructions and post orders are customized to each unique property. If you are looking for a dedicated security team to help protect your property, Safety Zone can seamlessly takeover security functions or provide complimentery expert security consulting on new developments. Whether you are a business owner with multiple locations, a regional manager responsible for several communities, storefronts or offices, Safety Zone Security can provide tailored service to protect your property and people.

Experienced security teams providing you with unmatched services. Comprehensive solutions for multiple properties. Start a conversation with us today to get professional guard services.