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On-Site Guard Services

COVID-19 Security Solutions

Get a detailed layout for screening assembled by our experienced team. Manage entry and foot traffic with a focus on mask enforcement and social distancing guidelines. Employ a system that is in line with privacy laws and compliant with state social distancing standards. Guidance on personal protection equipment and pexiglass partitions. Detailed instructions on all PPE and contact-free thermometers to minimize risk. All for one flat-rate.

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Original Watchman

Employ a perimeter and receive visual updates every fifteen minutes. Detailed patrol routes produce sophisticated reports submitted daily. Protect valuable property and guard access points from unauthorized visitors or suspicious persons. Cost-effective, trustworthy and reliable officers to protect your interests.

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Standard Guard

Grant authorized access to licensed individuals, check photo-ID and provide security clearance to protected areas. Observe security monitors and coordinate closely with law enforcement. Provide detailed reports hourly of all activity on premises, including time-stamps of entry and exit of all authorized individuals. Keep a reviewable solid record of all activity including names, dates, deliveries and more.

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Advanced guard

High-level security detail. Guard extremely valuable products or property with precision. Get an intricate plan to protect your interests, mapping out all potential threats and preventing them before they happen. Conduct extensive preliminery site mapping and 24-hour security monitoring if required. Trustworthy trained officers that are two steps ahead.

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Expert Guard

Loss prevention, inside-employee investigative services, or off-duty police officers to serve as personal bodyguards. Expert guards can assist with a wide range of services. From transporting clients or highly sensitive material in secured vehicles to conducting complex insider operations to catch suspects in the act. Get a comprehensive rate today.

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Vehicle Patrol

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Frequent stops to your organization to ward off any unauthorized visitors. Randomized or timed patrol. Visual updates and detailed reports at every stop. Full perimeter check and record of vehicles or persons near property, complete with plate numbers and descriptions.

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Comprehensive Quotes & Multiple Property Managers

Operate a property management company or own multiple businesses/properties? Get a comprehensive quote at a discounted price for all properties with a wide range of services. Talk to a manager instantly or email a senior associate at the link below:

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Risk Assessment

Prices are based on site-locations, nature of work, amount of hours, duration of service, and history of crime on the property or in the area. Every service is different and the final price will reflect this. Most clients will find that their quotes are considerably lower than other companies.

All of our contracts come standard on a month-to-month basis unless specifically stated otherwise. Discounts are applied to long-term contracts with long hours and or diverse services.

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